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Dr. Brian Vetter

I had always had problems with my back for years until one day last year I couldn't move. Dr. Vetter assessed the severity of the problem and gradually corrected the problems over a few sessions. The treatments were never painful. In a week i was back to my normal routine. Its been a year since and I haven't had any issues with my back.      John

After tweaking my back in softball, I went to Jeff Grazen's office and Dr. Brian Vetter fixed me right up. He was a real professional and a master at his craft. I definitely recommend him for anyone with back problems.   Mike

Unbelievable service, knowledge and personality.

Not being a fan of the doctor's office I was surprised how enjoyable my visit was with Dr. Brian Vetter. Doc took time to understand my problems, he didn't just adjust and push me out the door. It was amazing how he could find knots in my back at the first feel and make them go away. What he did to me was almost an instant relief to my back pain.

I wish every doctor was this professional, personable and American.  - Nate 

Dr Vetter is awesome. He really takes his time and works on all areas that need attention. He listens and then ask questions so he can get a better understanding of where your  problem areas might be. I always feel much better after Dr. Vetter adjust me. Thank you.  Patty

Chiropractic care from Dr. Vetter helped me manage and eliminate back pain throughout two pregnancies' highly recommend him! 

Shanna O, mother of five

I see Dr. Vetter for minor low back and neck pain a few times a year, and his expertise, knowledge and professionalism is always appreciated. This was especially true when I was pregnant in 2012.Half way through my second trimester I began with sciatic pain and increased low back pain. He was very attentive to my needs, alleviating much of the discomfort and his equipment was able to accommodate my growing belly. 

I saw him almost weekly through the end of my pregnancy, and am happy to verify the reports that chiropractic does in fact shorten labor time. My labor was 3 hours start to finish, and it was my first child! I am pregnant with my second child now and there is no doubt in my mind that I will once again be visiting Dr. Vetter for pre-natal chiropractic care.

Ann V.

I have a long standing problem with arthritis in my neck.  Occasionally I've had numbness, tingling and pain the my arm and upper back tightness (muscles).  Dr. Vetter has helped me manage my pain etc. with therapy and home exercises along with his treatments. I feel young again and able to do things!

Anita G.


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